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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Today it snows

Tomorrow will be in the 60's.  No wonder we keep getting these sniffles.
I do like snow though.
It's a little icy now in the yard

A short clip from front door.  Not ready to venture out.
Will be getting into the 60's tomorrow evening and then of course droppin back down.. I like winter a lot better than hot hot summer.

I don't think several boxwoods in the front will make it this year.  They are turning orange in some places. I guess it's from so much moisture.
If anyone knows what I can do to save them, please tell me.  I hate losing them.

Little icy rain coming down so I think I will take a rest on the bed with a book.


  1. We had snow, then ice and then freezing rain...Seems to be the story of our Winter here in NEPA!! Definitely no signs of Spring here!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. I love the snow too, Betsy! It's been a snow/sleet/rainy day for us. Our backyard looks like it will be a while before we can venture out there. It's so wet and now with warmer temperatures tomorrow it's all going to be a muddy mess.
    I have been having boxwood issues as well. I'm afraid mine might have blight which there is not much you can do about it. A blogging friend of mine sent me this link you may want to look at as well. ♥

  3. Nice to see the snow but I am not a fan of icy rain.

  4. I don't mind snow most of the time but ice can be so dangerous so I am not too fond of it. When the roads around here are like a skating ring it isn't fun. That is what I found about boxwood : " If exposed to bright sun in winter, some boxwood foliage temporarily loses its green color; leaves take on an orange cast or turn an unattractive brownish-yellow. ... The color change is unattractive but not harmful and reverses quickly in the spring as temperatures rise."

  5. Betsy, that is such a cute shot of the playhouse. Glad you finally got your snow. We got a little more than we had hoped for. A beautiful winterwonderland this morning..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  6. Reading a good book sounds perfect with winter weather outside!

  7. Betsy,
    I was able to hold my Knee Replacement Surgery off for 6 years. He never thought I would last this long because of what the initial Xrays looked like 6 years ago with being bone on bone. I managed it by losing weight which he told me to do and by doing the stationary bike which he told me to do. They have a whole regime pre -op. I start taking Iron, Folic acid and Vit. b 12 30 days prior to surgery and 30 days after to build up my blood to deal with the blood loss. I go to a Joint Replacement class, meet with Anesthesia ( it will be a spinal with something given like Versed, Per op testing, History and complete physical appt. Before leaving the hospital the day or 2 after surgery, I will have to go through at least 3-4 therapy sessions including doing steps. Then go to outpatient PT and track my progress online at home. It is quite a program, I have to admit. I know I put this off too long and he always said that one day, I would wake up and not be able to walk and that is what happened.....


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