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Sunday, June 3, 2018

More Dinosaur Land (2)

Picking up where I left off on our trip to Dinosaur Land.
 The Mesozoic era - Where dinosaurs were the only creatures that roamed the earth.
There are over 50 dinosaurs on display in the park.

Adalyn is particularly taken with the one with the tusks.

Looking to get bit I see

Oh yes, King Kong was here.

They were a little scared to sit with King Kong for me to take a picture.  The wanted Opa to go with them and sit there with them and of course,  go first.  It was some work but it was done.  They got their picture taken.  Good sport Opa.  Little cramped.

Opa first and then the girls.   Genevieve doesn't look too thrilled but she got there.

King Kong has an airplane in his other hand

Both girls fascinated by these two in battle.  Genevieve a little more so.  Adalyn moved on to something else.

Genevieve quick to point out the battle scar and runs with it.

Adalyn with Cobra

Kids ran into Jaws while visiting.  They weren't scared.  I didn't like it but they did.

I am not sure who's arm this is.

They wanted to have their picture taken with him.  Genevieve reluctantly but Adalyn was good with it.

Part one HERE

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  1. This is awesome. Wish they had something like this around here for our granddaughter when she grows a bit more. Looks like your grand kids are having lots of fun. Beautiful children!

    1. Thank you Angela. They are fun to be with. Kids little like this especially enjoy it. Thank you for dropping by.
      As popular as dinosaurs are, you would think there would be something for children to go to and learn about them. Happy Sunday, Betsy

  2. A fun place to visit with children.. even I would love to ride on King Kong.. :D

    1. Me too, but I would probably break his arm

  3. Betsy, I enjoy your little videos of the children enjoying themselves. So many things for them to play on! King Kong is huge and quite ominous looking. I'm glad Opa could climb with them so they wouldn't be frightened. Jaws looks so real as well as that giant cobra---I'm not fond of snakes, but he's harmless.
    P.S. we finally got the rain you were getting--3.5 inches of rain in our rain gauge! Hopefully it's dry at your place. ♥

    1. Whoa, you did get the rain. It's so pretty and sunny today. Got some weeding done.
      Yes, King Kong was a huge character.

  4. A fun place for not only children but adults too I’m thinking :) It is great to see things through a child’s eyes, to see them enjoying themselves, such cuties Loved the photos and the videos Betsy. Thanks for sharing and also thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a great week.

  5. Oh, that's not far from me! I've posted pics from there a number of times, like this:

    1. I looked at the site and you got a great shot of King Kong.

  6. What a fun place to see. The girls are so cute in the videos. Something they will remember for a long time and I don't blame them. Thanks for your visit, Betsy. It does look like I will have a pretty good crop of lavender this year. I do pick it and them let it dry in a vase, but they get really dusty after awhile..Happy Wednesday..xxoJudy

  7. Looks like you have a pretty good crop of lavender. I dried some in sachets and set them in my tennis shoes in the closet between wearings. They are so pretty in a vase and they do get dusty. So pretty to enjoy for a good while though.

  8. What a wonderful post.
    I so enjoyed your photographs.
    What fun was had.

    All the best Jan


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