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Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday Post

Ah good to work outside today.  Not good that mosquitoes are still biting in the sun.  I spray stuff on me.  Where I can't spray well is my back and when they bite there,  they hurt bad.

Anyhow the way some things are looking right now.

Black eyed Susan peeking through the fence along with tickweed.

up close the center eye looks burgundy brown.

This hasn't bloomed in a couple years because both years the buds were nipped.  It's supposed to be a red one.

Potted purple basil I planted from seed.

I love Lantana.  The different colors in one cluster are beautiful.

growing fast and now will have to move one out of the pot

The nasturtium leaves remind me of lily pads

I planted a few vegetables.  The large vine is a Krim tomato.  My favorite.

The moonflower is crawling straight up.  This thing is growing fast.

The willow looks much healthier now since the several trees have been removed that were close to it.

Gotta prune some more on this box in the pot

These I do not know what the name is.  They are growing next to azaleas.  This is the first bloom I have ever seen on them.  We have been here 11 years.  I believe the trees removed helped with the sunlight reaching them to bloom.

Unusual flower

several azaleas are growing I guess from the roots sent out from the larger azaleas

I painted my butterfly chair purple

Flowers picked earlier

Supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow.


  1. Betsy, your flowers are looking happy. I enjoyed seeing your coleus. I didn't plant any this year, totally forgot. They always remind me of my Nanny as she always grew them. My hydrangeas haven't bloomed for a couple years either--so sad when the freeze gets to the bud. I did give them a dose of Hollytone fertilizer. Hopefully the rain won't be a total washout this weekend. ♥

    1. More rain, can ya believe it? Called for til next Wednesday the last I heard.

  2. Pretty flower photos! Have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you and you have a good week end too.

  3. Your flowers are so pretty. I'm jealous of the lantana. Everyone here has mounds of it, the hummingbirds love it, and I can't get it to bloom for anything! I notice you have your moonflower in a buried pot and I'm wondering why? Can you overwinter it this way? It's my first year of growing a moon flower and mine is quite a rambunctious climber already, too!

    1. Thank you Cynthia. I have my moonflower in the pot buried because between the moles and voles in this area I am scared they will kill it. So I figure with it buried in a pot with sides ( I did slit the sides some to let water through) the critters wouldn't hurt it. I never over winter. I just soak the seeds over night and then put them in a potting mix with plastic over it after I water it really well and it pops up in no time. This way really gets the seeds sprouting

  4. You took us on a beautiful tour of the garden, such pretty flowers. The butterfly chair was a real delight, so unusual.

  5. Your Okra and other plants are looking great. I don't even have my okra planted yet. I'm in love with that beach hanging. I so need one.

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