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Friday, July 14, 2017

It's Summer for sure

Today's temps are supposed to reach 96 degrees Fahrenheit.  I am thinking the beach would be nice place to be.   
I was here a month and a half ago.
Am thinking I would of course - love to live here.

nice to get away and  visit a calm and peaceful area - endless beauty

the water is clear - probably not the best visual for that statement, with the fallen tree and all.   

Yes - I got a piece of drift.  This is bleached white from the sun and silky smooth from the ocean. 

back to my friends home a few miles from the beach, maybe not that far.  
She always has something good she made for coffee or tea, and we usually always have coffee. 

Having coffee and snacks in the sunroom her husband rebuilt and did a fine job doing so.

great water view from sunroom

draped seashells 

I like her nautical decor

I have to mention we had a great lunch at Willabys and I will be going back for sure
hand cut fries and very good b.l.t. sandwich.  Bacon was perfect to eat without being hard or too thick.

on my way out

leaving for home

til next time


  1. Very nice respite from the heat, Betsy. I too love the water. The ocean is my favorite, but the bay is beautiful. Your friend has a very special spot to enjoy and share with friends. ♥

  2. your friend has such a beautiful cozy home..

  3. Your friend is blessed with a beautiful home, love the beach décor. I am a great fan of the sea too and would have loved a little of the driftwood.

    1. thank you and she certainly is blessed. I do have a weakness for drift wood.

  4. Looks like a great visit and awesome lunch. Beautiful home and so comfortable looking.

  5. Wow ,you have a Lovely house my friend!
    your sunroom is just gorgeous.
    nice decorations!
    food looks yummy and inviting!
    thank you for very interesting and beautiful pics

  6. Looks like a wonderful place to visit!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


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