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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Adalyn Graduation Day

There was a graduation party at Adalyns school and I am sharing a few hi lites of the event.
Waiting patiently for sister - our little jabber jaws,  she just loves to chit chat.

while waiting - Genevieve wanted to take a few pictures and here is one of grass and 
this one genevieve focused on the happy running feet.  

Here they come

Adalyn ( long brown hair in 2nd row)  is looking for her Mom and other familiar faces

I didn't get the actual shot of her getting her certificate but took movie clip instead

below is what the teacher was reading as she walked to shake hands with teachers

Here she comes

Little sisters who love each other very much

lil sweeties

next giving Opa a hug and her mommy

hot dogs, pretzels and baked beans with cupcakes
You see that Opa makes sure he gets in line.

Skipwith Academy Montessori School - Fine school I must say

One of her most favorite animals

there are vegetable gardens the  children tend to

Another picture taken by Genevieve - I guess this is just a little peek into what she sees in her world day to day.  Not sure what type of photographer she will be but she seems to like  pictures of shoes.  


  1. Congratulations, Adalyn! I know you would be a good teacher or anything else you want to be.

    And Genevieve perhaps a photo journalist?

    Betsy, they remind me so much of the relationship between my two granddaughters, almost 5 and 2 1/2. It sure makes a grandmother's heart happy, doesn't it?

  2. The photos by Genevieve made me smile and think just what you thought -- this is the part of the world a very short young person sees, everyone's feet! So cute. Congrats to Big Sis on a successful year of school. Montessori schools are great places for learning.

  3. I love the pictures. Ady is such a big girl. I think she will be a teacher also. She loves giving direction on anything. Now it is off the kindergarten. Before we know it graduation pictures will be on here. But this is some time away. Congratulations ady. We love you.

    I think Genevieve will be an action photographer. He does have a good eye. The picture of the feet running is very good.

  4. Dearest Betsy,
    That is great for having such a post about Adalyn's graduation day!
    She must however still learn how to shake hands with the 'right' hand...
    Enjoy the upcoming summer; not far away now.

  5. I love the pictures, so nice to see the love the sisters have for each other. Long may that last. Looks like a wonderful day.

  6. Oh my goodness Betsy, such sweet memories for all of you! Genevieve cracks me up with her photos! The happy feet are actually quite cute! And Adalyn looks like such a big girl getting her diploma! What a sweet little write up for her. Just precious! And the two girls together, way too cute! Loved the video clips, thanks for sharing with us! Genevieve looks exactly like her mom!!


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