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Monday, June 12, 2017

Update to my "Saturday" post previous

Have been asked what recipe I use for Lavender Ice Cream by several and I want to post the site here.
I got to loving it when I heard about it in the movie " It's Complicated",  love that movie.
I added a little honey with mine and left out a little sugar.  I am always tweaking recipes a little and I love honey with lavender like in the cookies , so I put it in the ice cream too.
Heat the honey with the lavender buds and strain into mixture.   I also have used dried lavender I grow and use very little or it can be to strong.

Here is the site I found it on


  1. YUM ---that sounds so good... I love most all things Lavender ---although I'll admit that I've never had Lavender Ice Cream.... Thanks for the recipe...

    Hope you are doing okay. It's gotten too doggone hot here this week so far... YUK---and it's not even summer officially.



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