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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Yard flowers

Some flower pictures taken from my yard.  I don't have many this year -  too busy but took time to plant a few
I don't know what this is called but comes back every year

volunteer pansies

Nasturtiums in the window pots

Here is that white flower again

I always plant Nasturtium as I like them in my salads.

I am liking the colors deep inside the flower

Had to have a dandelion for my plants

I planted these but don't recall what they are.  I really need to start marking the names on some little plant stakes


  1. Your white flowers look like some in our yard called Candy Tuft... They are perennials... Of course, most of our flowers are perennials since I don't enjoy planting them every year... ha.....

    I do love my Pansies and Petunias --which are annuals....

    Love your purple but have no idea what it is... PRETTY...


  2. Very pretty display, Betsy. I do believe your purple flowers are delphiniums or larkspur. The interior shot of the nasturtium is beautiful! Have a nice afternoon. ♥

  3. So pretty and cheery. I love the variety of colors. i think the white ones are a perrenial called yarrow.

  4. You have a lot of beauty to enjoy in you garden, Betsy!


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