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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Lavender farm

We went to Lavender Farms in Glen Allen the other day to get a few plants and for Steve to eat some lavender ice cream under the trees by the creek or small river with so much rain lately.

Look at these beautiful beds of veggies.   Gentleman that owns the farm dug all of these and made them himself.  

Beautiful baskets to greet and who wouldn't want one of these beauties?

we purchased a butterfly and hummingbird stake for the pots.

beyond the arbor is a sitting area near  the slope with a beautiful creek cutting throught the forest and this is where we sit and eat the lavender ice cream.

I purchased a lavender plant and I see now I will have to go back and purchase this planter,  I see it's made in the USA.   A beauty with the lavender for decoration in the side.

Happy Saturday


  1. Those veg beds were an inspiration, something like that is what we have in mind.

  2. I've never had lavender ice cream but I'd sure like to try it. Don't you just love visiting a place like that in the spring? It's so colorful and inspiring.

  3. Vegetable beds are so beautiful..


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