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Friday, May 5, 2017

Chocolate cake and other thingss

I have seen several versions of this chocolate cake out there.   This one I made from a recipe found on King Arthur flour website.
I didn't have expresso coffee powder so I used what I had on hand which was instant maxwell house coffee instead.        recipe found  Here. 
It called for one cup of cold water.  I used one cup of milk instead.   I whisked mine together in a bowl and then poured into prepared pan.

This cake was eaten same evening and I have made it twice.   So don't worry about having to store it because it doesn't stick around long enough.

 I made the frosting with the cream and solid chocolate.

puzzle is finished and now to find another I will enjoy working on

The view from the window upstairs is what I see when I look up while reading my book and a pleasant view it is with the blooming shrub.

A tea table with pull out sides I purchased from a sale.   I love it.
It has a few character marks which is fine.   I can rub some polish over it to hide  the scratches some.


Linda said...

That cake looks scrumptious!

mamasmercantile said...

What a great find I love the tea table and the view from your window is a delight. Great looking cake.