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Monday, August 3, 2015

Quiet sunday

Pretty blooms of a butternut squash plant.  I only planted two from seed just to see how they would do along my fence.   They are growing very well.   Next year I hope to have a more productive larger garden.
The vines are running up the fence and showing off some very nice blooms

Here is a butter nut squash propped up with a section of fence to keep it off of the ground.

Next to it is my tomato plant.

Paste tomatoes doing well here, even though they are so close together.

The hibiscus is  doing so well in the small swan planter.  It sort of has a  shape like a cross, I haven't trimmed it , it just grew this way.  three years just about , in the same planter.
   Better not push my luck , so I will  put it in the ground in the fall.

for dinner I made cabbage rolls.   diced tomatoes,  can of sauerkraut and two cans of tomato soup stirred together with a little more than a  cup of water ,  pepper , celery seed, garlic and onion powder and a smidgeon of brown sugar.
I saw on a cooking blog where kraut was used in the sauce and decided to try it,  will make it this way forever.   So very good

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  1. Your hibiscus is looking well, but that squash is pretty much healthier I must say :) How nice it is to grow your own veggies in summer. We'd grown tomatoes and potatoes last summer, unfortunately not this year.

    Good luck on your garden - it is such a pleasure to see a beautiful one.


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