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Friday, July 11, 2014

chatham - 3

 General Ambrose Burnside brought the 120,000 man army of the Potomac to Fredericksburg in November 1862.   Below Chatham- using pontoon bridges Burnside crossed the Rappahannock river and seized Fredericksburg where Lees confederates were holding the high ground behind the town.
Bloody union defeat of Fredericksburg.   Burnside suffered 12,600 casualties on the battlefield.
Many were brought to Chatham


The ending of the war in 1865 left Chatham barren.  The walls were marred by graffiti.  Blood stains on the floors and  forest cut down for firewood.   
The Lacy's who left Chatham during the war returned only to find that they could not maintain it properly and left for their Ellwood home.  The arm of Stonewall Jackson is buried at Ellwood. Chatham was sold in 1872.
this is the entrance to Chatham today originally the rear of the home in it's plantation days.  To me what gives that away is the emblem over the door.

It's not the pineapple - which is a symbol of welcome shown in the river side of mansion below.

Steps on river side with pineapples at the top
original road above photo that leads down to the river.

Original entrance river side
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