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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chatham - a peek inside - 2

We saw a film on the history of Chatham in this room  ..   There are no tours of the inside of the mansion but just the couple rooms downstairs with a few historical pieces displayed. 


original wood floors -  hundreds of soldiers were operated on  inside of Chatham
Among some who assisted the army doctors were Walt Whitman who came to Chatham searching for his brother and Clara Barton who founded the American chapter of the International Red Cross.

Looking out to the Catalpa trees that are the shadows cast on the sidewalk .

Whitman noticed arms , legs, hands and feet along with several dead soldiers at the base of these trees

Massive gnarled roots

Chatham was used by union army during the war  as a headquarters, hospital and stables.

back inside is this marker

column above and info

front facing river - ghost lines of columns

A former office in the continental army purchased Chatham in 1806 for 20,000 dollars - his family owned the property for 66 years.   His name was Major Churchill Jones

pretty picture in red dress with those red shoes

wing back chair
a mirror on the bottom shows that is the chamber chair as explained above

you can see the opening


little trunk that is sitting if front of sofa above


dining room with artifacts
such pretty crystal

That's about it for inside - next post will be outside looking towards the Rappahannock river.

Part one can be seen by clicking   Here   and part three Here


  1. Excellent pictures. Chatham is a great place to visit.

  2. A wonderful pace - and the grandios trees, so old!



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