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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Looks like confetti fell on the yard.    The dogwood blooms are just about gone.    Looks pretty with the grass dotted white.
relaxing to watch as they gently fell to the ground
Fringe tree or grandaddys beard as I grew up hearing it called, scents the whole area.  smells sweet.
this beauty always puts on a show with it's large blooms

there are two colors shining through on this azalea
two lone petunias in the window,  they will take off and fill the pot in another month
Annette and John gave me Calla Lily for Easter.  A long lasting flower even when cut.
Varying shades of pink.   Beautiful!
The Boston fern seems to like the humidity on the porch.   Can always count on to brighten up a spot in a room or somewhat shady area.

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