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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Museum stroll

Friday was a good day to get the grands out for a stroll.   We went to the Virginia Museum of fine Arts.
Grabbed a pizza slice for Steve and Adalyn and she enjoyed it on the patio at the Museum cafe.
Then off for a stroll with Genevieve to see the water fall and a run around the garden area for Adalyn to tire them out,  I believe I am the one who was tired out.    The two girls never tired.

this is what is directly behind me as I was taking the picture above

A little history here about this beautiful old Victorian House.

6 over 9 pane window - I like how the wood around the glass  has detail unlike today where the outside windows are framed simply.
pretty intricate work above the windows and doors ,  the same as in the old photo several photos above
deck area of museum where we had a snack from the " Best Cafe".
water view from the deck

a walk up the steps next to water fall

Genevieve patiently watching

looking for the squirrel in the tree

A very big tree as you can see,  how old could this tree be?   It's huge
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  1. Hi Betsy! That Victorian house is gorgeous! How nice to get to spend the day with those precious grandkids! The baby looks alot like her older sister, how cute! That waterfall right next to the stairs is so pretty too.
    Have a great rest of your weekend,

  2. What a fun day with the girls. At least you had some help. Those little stinkers come with extra energy!!


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