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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Some Peonies are known to survive for as long as 100 years . 
The floral symbol for China and in their language means "beautiful".
It's the symbol for the 12th wedding anniversary in western culture.
They are blooming this year for me better than the past few years for sure,  only problem is the buds seem to come into full bloom quickly and are not going to be around for much longer.
I found this vase at a shop near me today
Perfect for my arrangement of Peonies


  1. Hi Betsy, I have problems to make a comment here!
    This vase is a very good idea, I would like to have one like this. Your Sofa is beautiful, also the *table*.


  2. those flowers are so beautiful and elegant. we are re-doing our yards and I hope to add a bush of them. thanks for the lovely look at your flowers.

  3. I like peonies very much and have some beautiful ones myself, it is going to storm here this afternoon so better pick some before the rain beats them down to the ground

  4. Our peonies are gorgeous and that looks like the perfect container to hold their heads up. I wish I had luck growing them, but I gave up several years ago. Love them though.


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