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Friday, March 21, 2014

Raphine Va. in snow -- 2

What difference from yesterday,  we got up Monday- took  a look out of the window and snow cover , lots of it.

I took this picture from hotel window with zoom lens to get closer.  It looks like a cozy place to be on day like today
taken from car - hazy day
I want to live here

Raphine -  the word "raphis" a  Greek word is what Raphine was taken from which means "to sew".
James Edward Allen Gibbs on June 2, 1857 patented the first chain stitch single thread sewing machine , he in partnership with James Wilcox became the Wilcox and Gibbs sewing machine company.   Their commercial sewing machines are still made and today.

Raphine is an unincorporated community in Rockbridge county ,and is located in the Shenandoah valley  of Va.
It is in what was known as the breadbasket of the south.  


making our way on Raphine road which all of the roads were in good shape free of ice and snow


Rockbridge Vineyard
definitely back to visit in summer
beautiful farms in the landscape 

in crumbles,  but pretty somehow

close up of icicles on house

closed on Monday and Tuesday - shucks.

Wades Mill is a working water powered grist mill. 
An early settler in the Shenandoah valley of Va.  Capt.  Joseph Kennedy a Scotsman, built the mill around 1750.

area around the mill

pretty ride back

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  1. Pretty farmhouses, but snow? It is spring, I need flowers now! Whish you a wonderful weekend.



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