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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our outing to Staunton Va. -- 1

Was nice on Saturday for the maple festival in Monterey Va.    We enjoyed it last year with the rainy cold weather ,  so we knew we would enjoy it even more this year with the sunshine. 
 nice view from hotel of a clear sunny day

We took a ride around the Historic Town on our way to dinner
 Mary Baldwin college in the distance
fine old homes
a few with some needed TLC
Va school for the deaf and blind
St. Francis of Assisi

sun is setting and time to get back to the hotel

leaving the historical district

on our way to festival the next day - Sunday
we stopped at the breastworks to stretch
So sad to read about Robert Fitzgerald on missing poster below, sort of put a damper on things for a bit. 
Info  on- line said he returned here to look for his missing cell phone the next day after hiking and has not been seen since, his car was parked here , I know I would not come out here by myself, never know what can be lurking in these mountains.  He was 60 years old.
back on our way

We passed this house last year,  looked like it caught fire

Almost there
not to many out today

this picture is taken at a sugar shack last year.  we didn't get to go to one this year,  the one we wanted to see that is more traditional is in McDowell I heard,  will double check that - but anyway the picture below shows the bucket on the trees collecting sap.
2013 trip

I purchased my syrup from a booth ,  like the dark amber.  It's stronger flavor is what I like for baking sweet rolls and cakes.   Had to have the candy too.

Nice little primitive shop
couldn't resist him and I also bought a candle

nice homes line the streets in the town

It's starting to snow here in Virginias little Switzerland as it is called.
We didn't stay to long as we wanted to get off the mountain before it got to rough to drive.
First I had to stop at McDowells for some more maple syrup to take to family
church in McDowell
Inside for sale was  buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup
we wanted to have some but the snow started coming down again and we had to get back
I did buy some buckwheat flower
Had to have a piece of Maple Chiffon cake with nuts on the frosting
light and fluffy - yummmm

back at the hotel - this is what went on all night.
Sunday,  March 16

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