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Thursday, April 4, 2013

taking a peek

Addy found a spot to view sheep through the fence
this the Meadow Farm Park

this fence locked for good reason

I am a fan of fences so check out more at
fridays fences


  1. Are those your fences? And animals? And little one? san die

  2. awww, too cute. Addy will be much taller one day soon. but for now she look very tiny compare to those fences. ( :

  3. very nice fence shots...welcome to FF

  4. I like all the shots, but a real big fan of the first one!

  5. The cute-o-meter just went off big time with that first photo! Bet this little munchkin loves to visit you and the animals. You live in a very special place--or at least it seems so from these photos.

  6. I love the wooden building and fences on your property! They have such a great "look." Is the building old? And cute little sweetie!

  7. Hi Betsy. I love your wreath with the lillies and butterfly and you share such beautiful photos of your surroundings. Little Addy is such a sweetie pie. How much fun to see places through her eyes. I miss that for sure..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  8. That's a great fence too, and I'd stay away from that longhorn. Once in the Cotswolds we were on a public walking path and didn't notice that we had strayed until we saw a bull in the pasture. Yikes! We did get out and were much more careful to watch for signs after that. :-)


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