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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Flowers

The azaleas are starting to bloom.     I thought I may have lost most  them because of the late snow and bursts of cold this spring.   The forsythia is starting to leaf out, soon the flowers will be gone.
my plastic owl
A squirrel not at all bothered by the owl
My hen and chickens need some dirt and  probably a new pot.   They are not as red this season

 white ones ready to burst open
I do not know what these are called,  but they are pretty and bloom a long time

I purchased this chocolate mint the other day to plant.   Very strong mint and chocolate taste.

I am sharing with   Rurality Blog Hop,   Friday's Fences and masterpiece monday at boogie board cottage

well off to planting


  1. Beautiful, in your garden it would be great to drink some tea. I like your fence too.


  2. chocolate mint sounds good. gorgeous spring blooms. ( :

  3. You have beautiful lawn. Great photos.

  4. you have a beautiful yard...chocolate mint sounds interesting! i might have to find some of that!

  5. Beautiful surroundings...chocolate mint plant!..must get one


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