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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oatlands Plantation In Leesburg Va


Oatlands Plantation - A wheat plantation which later expanded to include other grains.

Pictures were not allowed inside  but I got some of the garden surrounding the mansion.

Oatlands was designed and  built in 1804 by George Carter who was the great grandson of planter Robert "King" Carter.  The exterior was brick ,  like the buildings in Williamsburg Va.. The home was later converted to Greek Revival style like you see here . The outside was stuccoed over and made to look like square blocks- at the time was considered fashionable. The home was bought by wealthy William and Edith Eustis  in  1903.    Gardens  were terraced for practical use in Carter's day.    When the Eustis family purchased the property they designed them for beauty and pleasure.   The day we visited a week ago was very pleasurable as it was a little breezy and sitting in the quiet was soothing and did us both well.

This sort of reminds me of our Governors Mansion in Richmond Va. 
Carter added Corinthian columns in 1827
The details

comfy seating area on front porch.  I think I will spray paint my wicker green,  liking the way it looks here

The garden wall and dependencies are built with brick fired on the plantation along with  stone native to the area.

During the 1840's interior changes were made to the house by Carter which reflect the Greek Revival style at that  time.
Inside the entrance hall the walls are a very pretty soft grey which are stuccoed.



stepping to lower terrace after leaving the plantation tour
Gardens were designed by George Carter ,  he constructed connecting terraces to extend the growing season by sheltering the area from wind for the plantations food supply.
Beautiful stone and brick work

bottom level


looking up to the area of the home

the miniature house here was a nice surprise as we turned the corner on our walk

Boxwood garden and planters in distance
the urn above is shown below in more detail

I like this shot with the vase on the landing


The boxwood's are Huge!
Nice benches convenient to rest a bit and taking in all of the beauty that surrounds
I would love to be able to see it in all seasons


A walk through the backwoods to the reflecting pool ahead

Nice latticed area
to take a rest ,  I was thinking ice tea would be good here as we were getting a little thirsty on our walk.

Very old set of steps to garden,  It was mentioned that steps  built by slaves were still here and I am wondering if it is these,  they look to be very old and worn.

Mr. Eustis died in 1921 but his wife stayed until her death in 1964.   The daughters in 1965 presented the now 261 acre estate, home and   furnishings to National Trust for Historic Preservation.
In 1972 - a National Historic Landmark a website to check out to learn more.

I have some pictures of the greenhouse in the next few days to post

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  1. what a lovely place, to visit!!!

    And the "chunk" out of my finger isn't a big one. But it's not a cut. ,-) and i really don't feel like typing like-a-secretary, right now. it's back to peck-with-2-fingers, which i hate.

  2. Gorgeous! Love all the brick and stone walls, everything so beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing, hope you'll come share on AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  3. What a beautiful place! Lovely photos.

  4. Just beautiful! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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