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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Evening flowers at Ginter gardens

Steve and I visited Lewis Ginter Gardens.   They were open til  9 so people could enjoy them late into the evening. 

I always have to see what is in the gift shop when I get there
gorgeous tulips as we make our way to the house
little johnny jump ups as under plantings


entrance to children's garden

music on the lawn with refreshments

blurry but I had to show the plantings and how they have them arranged so neatly

inside  , I love the soft colors and the wood
sun room overlooking the lake
beautiful billowy curtains
we asked about the lake and were told it actually was a creek.  Lewis Ginter dammed it up to make the large water it is today.  
scene from the window and sun room

just about time to go

I am sharing with  Bramble Berry Cottage's Time travel Thursday and lavender Garden cottages - Cottage style party


  1. So you had a nice evening. I like ruins in a garden, but only old one. Its modern tuday, to make a new ruin.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm off to visit a botanical garden today and your lovely photos got me in the mood!

  3. Mamma che bello questo post!Questi fiori sono una meraviglia!Baci,Rosetta


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