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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elizabethan gardens (pt. 2)

Here is another view of the authentic 16th century gazebo that was constructed of period tools and using period techniques.   Overlooking the Currituck and Roanoke sounds it is thought to possibly be the spot where Sir Richard Grenville in 1585 first set foot with the arrival of seven ships and 108 men.  - has more info

Here are pictures of the natural garden.  I think we liked this one the best. 

I like the gnarly look of the trees,  I seem to take lots of tree pictures.

A somewhat magical looking area of the garden

One thing I do have to add to my garden at home is gnomes,  I like them.   Toadstools are another

dappling of sun through the trees cast such nice shadows

Ancient live Oak - living when colonist landed in 1585

Ancient live Oak

An even closer look at the tree that was here when colonists landed
I like how flowers were tucked in the crevice of the limb

on to the great lawn area and sunken garden
lion couchant bird bath is carved marble

Hornbeam walk and stunning view to the Well Head mount

Overlook to gardens

looking to the sunken garden

yes, we lingered here a while

Sunken garden - An ancient Italian Renaissance Fountain

There was a b'day cake in honour of Virginia Dare's b'day and the queen paid a visit.
I was lucky that I got this picture because my camera lost battery power as soon as I snapped this one.

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Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Betsy! It's all so gorgeous! The Queen's costume is amazing!
Thanks for sharing all of those beautiful photos. Gina

Unknown said...

Oh Betsy, Thanks for coming by and following me. I'm now following you too as I think we both love,love gardens, funky tree's and all things nature..Lovely blog and I love the gardens..oh how pretty they are. I will be back as I like your style..
Have a great day,

Cotton Peony said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! Always love meeting me bloggers and if you reside in Wildwood NJ.. well then you must know my in-laws there too! Lucky us and small world eh?

I love these shots and the history behind them. Being in NC here (where historians say the first ships arrived) I understand they've located the possible relocation of the group as they headed inland

I'll be reading more of you older post to catch up here.

warm hugs,

Cotton Peony