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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


A pleasnt day was had by all on Easter..We spent it at my brothers house between the foothills of the blue ridge mountains and Tidewater in Va. .  I must say it is so pretty of an area.    Mom was there with us all .  She ate heartily and walked the yard to see what was coming up . 
Love the Roosters here in the dining room -

Good picture of Mom

Pretty potted petunias hanging from the porch
Karl and Donna checking out the dead dogwoods,  pretty area with ground cover of perriwinkle ( I think) it's called.
(Amy my niece,  she will be getting married on June 24 in a beautiful barn,  hope to have pictures of the wedding

Keith dug me up a shoot from the magnolia tree to the right.  I always wanted one

Opa holding Addy
Lynn (addys great aunt ) Addy and Derek


Great Aunt Wanda,  Addy and Timothy checking out something, not sure what

everyone checking out the garden area that Karl fenced in to keep out the deer,  they are such a nusiance as they eat up everything.

Love her!


  1. Hi Betsy: I'm glad you had a nice family gathering. What a beautiful setting. You are right to call the purple flowers periwinkle, most everyone does, but I always knew them as myrtle growing up. I have some in my garden now also..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. Looks like a wonderful family Easter in a beautiful area!

  3. Betsy,

    Shared holidays with family makes them more special. I love that you had a few generations gathered around your table. I am sorry to read about your mother's recent diagnosis. My mother also has this horrible disease. Your spring blooms are beautiful.

    Your Friend,

  4. I'd recognize that Virginia landscape anywhere! Hi nice to meet you. You have a lovely family and looks like you all had a great time at Easter. How nice you are going to Snowcreek for the Spring market. Donna is just such a wonderfully nice lady and so sweet. I went to the show last Christmas and it's just delightful. Tell her Lynn at The Vintage Nest said "hi".


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