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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

He has risen!   He is Lord!
Looking forward to spending the day with my Mom.      Son  Derek, Miranda and little Adalyn are taking us out to my brothers house for dinner.   Mom has early stage Alzheimers,  we were fortunate to spend Christmas with her and now Easter.   My friend Carolyn reminds me to take time with her as much as possible. 
I don't want us to miss out on being with her at Easter,  so we take as much time as it takes to ready for the trip.    There are few who will regret not doing so one day I am afraid,  a loss that will be.
 I am happy that little Adalyn - moms great grand daughter is with us today as is 7 other greats.  Will take lots of pictures.   Will  post those tomorrow.

Leaving with a few pics
Here are more of my Azaelas and other shots of the yard., now in full bloom,  there are a few that still haven't finished flowering but not many.

looks like cotton candy

prettiest bloom in the garden - her eyes smile
she can sure get the fingers in her mouth - must be cutting teeth

 Daddy and Adalyn  - she looks like she may be thinking about something,  or maybe as Opa says "she's mapping".  

 view from my kitchen window
dining room window
opa and addy
Happy Easter Day to everyone

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  1. Betsy: It sounds like your Mom has had a wonderful life with a sweet little girl like that and the rest of her great-grandchildren. Enjoy your time with her, it all goes by so fast. Your azaelas are absolutely beautiful and your garden!! How nice to have a view like that out of the window where you have to do drugery!!
    Have a wonderful happy Easter with your family..Judy


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