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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Purple beauty and a few paintings

Finally the blooms opened on this azalea.  Not sure how long it has been here, or when the first owners planted it,  but it is huge.  
I believe it is call Karume azalea,  not sure though. It is an evergreen
the flowers look like a Lilly to me up close

the next few pictures are paintings that my nephew Karl did
He started painting as a hobby a year or so ago
He is self taught - I must say I think he has done a fine job on the paintings to follow

 the one above is a painting he did of his moms childhood home - A stately Victorian


  1. Betsy: That azalea is the most gorgeous one I've seen. So huge but so dainty. Your nephew is a great painter. Wish I had that talent..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. Hi Betsy! Your azalea is absolutely gorgeous! And huge! Pretty paintings too!


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