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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Frontier Cultural Museum in Staunton Va.

The Frontier Cultural Museum  is about thousands of people who migrated to America in Colonial times and the life they made for themselves.  Pioneers who came here in the 1600 and 1700's from England , Germany , Ireland and West Africa.  
Structures moved here by the Museum or reproduced are buildings from countries mentioned above.
Outdoor exhibits are in two separate areas as Old World and America.    Old World is about rural life and the culture of 4 homelands and the American exhibits is about the life the colonist and descendants created for themselves.   One gets a good understanding of how life is shaped here in the U.S. with our pioneers of the past.  We did  a lot of walking and didn't see everything,  next time I will wear better shoes and start earlier, but I look forward to going back. 
The pictures of this visit is from April 2011,  I want to go again soon to see the gardens being planted .

I wished we had taken the shuttle or better yet seen one
 I understand that people from Ireland come to visit the forge here ,  really interesting how a stone structure like this can be taken apart and reassembled.

 All of the tools shown are made here and some are sold in museum gift shop
on our way to Irish home

Each place had a cat, they are very spoiled and love to be petted.  This one in the Irish home sits by the fire and watches it as long as the lady in the chair does. 
we were told that only the men did the weaving
window looking out to stone fence where pigs are kept

very picturesque

On our way to German homestead
 a wagon in the barn

 the sky looked pretty dark for a little while

That is it for today,  will post english home tomorrow

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