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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frontier Culture - 3

Last of my pictures include the 1820's Americana farmhouse . and 1850's farmhouse.    Culture  remained strong among the Va Germans.  Many kept their language and customs unique to them  through the 1800's.   Homes had what they needed
Women and girls worked as hard as the men and boys - as it is known they assisted them with the fieldwork. Among their  household chores,  linen and wool cloth was made, meals included saurkraut and scrapple ,  good info on all is found here -
The frontier culture museum is the only place of it's kind in the world as stated by David McCullough

By the 1850's -  Improved road network along with water and rail made it easier for Valley farmers and manufacturers to ship their goods  - Also made easier for valley residents to receive manufactured goods from Europe.   They didn't have to make their own textiles or necessities.
More information available in the form of books,  and newspapers made them more aware of the outside world.

nice handpainted floor cloths

This room shows original color

I like the sconce with the mirror to reflect light from candle

Early American school house shown here is a reconstruction of the Shuler school in Rockingham County.
So named because it is believed to constructed by Noah Shuler on his farm around the 1840's.
Rockingham county public shools donated it to the  Frontier Museum in 2007

A look into one of the out bldgs on farm

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