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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Frontier Cultural Museum and English home - 2

 The settings for the homestead is perfect,  as we walk up to the home this is what we see in the distance
A yeoman's farmers house built in 1692 in Worchestershire England,  migration to America from the western shires during Colonial times  included many yeoman farmers and English commoners.    A nice home owned by someone successful at that time.   

Owners of this home more than likely did not migrate to Colonial America
This is a nice house for that time period

original brick flooring

very smokey inside
She is explaining to us that the heavy cooking was done Saturday for Sunday and rest of the week

beautiful cupboard

found him sleeping on bed upstairs - I have always been a dog person first,  but he is so cuddly and sweet, could scoop him up and hug him

upstairs view

neat the way we can see the numbers to assemble this home after it arrived here.

trundle bed
I see the ropes to pull tight and sleep tight as the saying goes , don't let the bed bugs bite

bed chamber

I want to go back to see the gardens being planted.

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