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Thursday, March 3, 2011

in the mood for planting

I bought some roots and bulbs last week.   Yesterday was nice and warm, but today is very chilly, but I still got out in the yard to clean up the beds and plan where to plant some flowers and plants.   
I bought these last week and can't wait to get the black hollyhock in the ground. Never had one this color, only the double pinks and whites.    I understand the black is what is used by some to color herb teas, because when it's added it gives a deep rose color.   I will try it.
I must remember to dig up the dahlia this year
I am gonna try garlic , never have before.   I use garlic a lot.

As I was walking the yard earlier to see if any bulbs were coming up; I found some.
These are Hiacinths,  I used to have more than this in this bed,  who knows what critter got them.   I am having trouble with moles, need some more grub killer,  or milky spore.


 this geranium has been on the porch all winter
looks like it may have survived.

I took this cutting from the larger lavender plant shown below.   This provence lavender is hardy, it took being buried under snow this winter.

I am still working on this boxwood that I dug up from under a larger one in the yard, it is two years old.
I will give it another haircut soon. .

 boxwoods in side yard

Looking to front yard from the side of house

These guys always make me smile,  they are sitting on my side table outside on the walkway.

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