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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's whats for dinner

I was looking at the wonderful Sunday dinner  "Robin of the Forest " had posted on her blog ,  so I decided to show my dinner tonight.  I am addicted to French onion soup,  I like having soup before a meal,  mom used to serve soup before meals sometimes when we were young.   It' helps me from pigging out too much on the potatoes and meat.  O.k. Robin, here is mine.  Robin by the way is my niece.

French onion soup with crunch crust and cheese.

Pot Roast
Creamy coleslaw
String beans I picked from my vines
Juicy watermelon to finish
I am sooo full, so is hubby.   He is digesting as we speak.  Until tomorrow,  bye.


  1. I love French Onion Soup! I was all alone without anything to eat and you did not invite me for dinner? Got any leftovers? Probably not! I know the meal was as good or even better than the pictures. Thanks for plugging my blog.


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