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Monday, September 14, 2009

Harpers Ferry and more

Many houses in Harpers Ferry were constructed in the 19th century.  Structures have been lived in, maintained and modernized. 
Since the war of 1812 the Upper Town Harpers Ferry has also been known as Camp Hill.
I felt like I was transported somewhere back in time in the historic Harpers Ferry.   Beautiful stone buildings,   Magnificent stone work.

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The original church did not survive the Civil War.
The Camp Hill-Wesley United Methodist Churh
was rebuilt in upper town in 1869 with salvaged bricks from
the Armory that was destroyed.

If you get the close up , there were two pretty spring wreaths on the doors.
You should be able to read this if you click on it. It explains more about the square.
The town pump was here

The Civil War canon once in front of John Brown
engine house was brought here in 1924 as a war

Do not know what this place was or was once used for.


Lynn heading to Jefferson Rock

View of the Potomac from rock.

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