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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fried tomatoes

A few paste tomatoes shown here for canning I picked the past few days.  
Didn't get as many this year .

I had fried  tomatoes this morning for breakfast.   A "better boy" tomatoe as it's called.
I do not like the green ones,  only the   red ones, not to ripe though.   I don't think the green ones have much of a flavor.

dip them in a little milk

Mom mixed cornmeal sometimes in with her flour.  I do like it that way better than just plain flour.

salt and pepper in the mix .

sizzlin now

I drain on a coffee filter

A slice of extra sharp cheese for a couple. A sprinkle of parmesan cheese is also tasty.   Bacon pieces and toast with my homemade apple and cranberry butter.
I will miss summer tomatoes.  The taste of a fresh picked one - nothing better than that.

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  1. I have never tried fried tomatoes this way. I think it's a cool thing to try.

    1. You would like them especially with parmesan cheese. Thank you for visiting.

  2. That is how I make mine, never tried frying a red tomato though, I bet they are good !

  3. Oh my gosh, I wish I was at your place right now eating those delicious tomatoes. Home grown really is the best.

  4. Betsy, thanks for the recipe tips. I have always heard about fried green tomatoes but have never tasted them. I think I will give them a try. Our neighbor keeps us supplied from his garden and you are so right about freshly harvested tomatoes. Nothing better..Happy Thursday..Judy

  5. Your tomatoes look very yummy. I will try to make some for us.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.



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