Blog Photo ..Pohlig Brothers box factory where my Grandmother worked ages ago. Today the building has been turned into apartments. Richmond Va.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Barn in Bedford Va

October of last year Steve and I drove to Bedford Va to sightsee and visit the apple orchard.    The barn pictured is at the crossroads of Penick and Sheep Creek roads.   I took this as we were making our to the orchard.     We will be going again this October also.  Love this area.   Very pretty stone work.
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  1. It seems an unusual choice of materials for a barn, but it sure looks sturdy!

  2. wow, really enjoy the stone wall. such character. (:

  3. I love that stone work! Great find!

  4. Beautiful barn and lovely stonework! This barn has obviously been around a while.

  5. I love it! I love that stones! I wish they made stone structures still & I'd live in & love a stone house! They're just so very beautiful to me

    Thanks for joining =)

  6. I love the old stone barns! They were built to last! Hugs!

  7. Lovely! Just good for a holiday home like in Britain!


  8. This is one unique barn. Its exterior is far from the usual, and I have this feeling that anyone who gets the chance to pass by this shelter will be attracted by its house-like appearance. Very nice! I bet the livestock being sheltered inside are felling really comfortable with these stones surrounding the barn.

    Rodger Ciliberto


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