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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Hello and more rain

 Rainy off and on and I think we have enough now.  It gets chilly and then some hot days off and on. 

Crazy spring for sure. 

I bet the summer will be dry as a bone. 

My spring flowers are gone.  Iris, azaleas, and tulips were very early this year along with the daffodils. 

I do see some blooms on my hydrangeas. .  Slow growing.

I got more strawberries this year and will freeze a few for winter desserts.

Huge bloom on this Iris.  I have several kinds and this one smelled so fragrant.  
Not sure what this one is.  I got some tubers from family and put them in the ground.  Some years they bloom and some not. 

Peonies and azaleas in vase

The red roses in vase with peony will be no more.  I have to dig up the rose bush.
It must have gotten something in it as all leaves curled up and dried.  Flowers bloomed pink after the ones bloomed in picture.   It's not rosette disease.  I know we had so much rain and maybe I should have sprayed it earlier.  I will get another one. 

This arrangement is at bottom of steps to our lounge area downstairs

Genevieve loves to play with my flowers.
She forced open two peony buds. 
Kinda pretty like this.

Fringe tree and sun shining through
I miss all the blooms a few weeks ago now. 

Finished a puzzle.  This didn't take as long as I thought it would.  Husband and I worked on it off and on when we felt like it.  
Well that's about it for what is going on for right now.  Husband is digging out a garden spot for me and  is putting fencing around it now.  Will have to post it when he finishes it in a few days.  Getting things planted late this year but that's o.k.   I don't mind late.  

Chive blossoms I picked drying

til next time


  1. Dearest Betsy,
    Miss our Peonies as they have a hard time to survice here in the South.
    Enjoyed the white stock arrangement for Pieter's Memorial Service...

  2. Your iris are lovely, Betsy! I don't have enough sun for those beauties. Your peonies are pretty as well. Mine don't have a single bud this year! Maybe the trees are shading them too much. Hopefully you are enjoying a sunny afternoon before more rain comes. Like you, enough is enough. That being said the summer could make me wish we had rain. Have a lovely evening.

    1. My red ones didn't bloom this year, only the white. I think I will separate them. The weather has been off and on with rain and chilly days with some hot ones. I feel we will have very dry summer. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I just love looking at your beautiful flowers! The colors are sensational. I feel like I can even smell their lovely fragrances.


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