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Thursday, February 22, 2024

skating, old picture and beach.

 Hi there, been almost a month since last post.  Haven't had anything too much to post about so I thought I would wait and put all in one post.    Been a few places around our county sightseeing, Sunday drives. Took the grand girls to VMFA to an art class and they enjoyed that.  It was a three-hour class, so husband and I grabbed a bite from the little cafe there, took in some exhibits and enjoyed the day. 

Opa and Genevieve are taking skating classes.  Yes, that's right, Opa.  I can't believe he wanted to do it,   So far, only sprained his wrist a little.  He didn't do as he was instructed by putting his hands up instead of down when he fell.  He didn't fall hard.  He doesn't go that fast, yet.  Genevieve is getting much better at it.  It's something to do for her when it's rainy or stuck inside. 

Opa, Genevieve is near the wall on right. 

All ages out there. I think Opa is the oldest and tallest kid out there.  It's great.  He will try anything. 
Genevieve going around near wall.  Just call me chicken.  I am scared for my knees to fall. I think I will get a pair of skates for my driveway. 

St. Valentines day came and went before I knew it.  How come the time seems to zoom now?
These months are just slipping by.
I love that these roses had a scent.  Some I have received in the past had no scent.   I want flowers and I want the sweet scent of them too.  

While out on one of our day trips.  We stopped at this antique store that is going out of business as we were coming back from Farmville Va.    Seems I am   always drawn to pictures like this of olden times, old fashioned ladies in the long dresses, horses and Buggys.  It was $5.00 and a good deal.  The lady at the shop cleaned this picture with spray Pledge, it doesn't hurt this type of picture, which is on cardboard, nothing expensive at all but it was so dark.  Maybe whoever had it had a stove that put off soot or something, I don't know.  It was just very dirty.  The spray pledge works on some things especially one like this on paperboard. When we returned home, I went over it with a glaze I use for my diamond art.  It brightened up a lot.  

After the diamond art glaze applied below.
I am going to work on the frame color a little bit and then hang it somewhere.
I may put one more coat

We rode to Colonial Beach, and it was so cold and windy, but I loved it.  Dressing warm and looking for shells, driftwood and pretty rocks which we found. 
Genevieve dressed warm.
The water was moving. 
We go here a lot.  It's somewhere to ride that is not too far from us and while there we stopped in Willys to get a bite to eat.  

Long shadows

Not sure if this is going to be a time share, hotel or what.  I think there will be shops and eatery or two downstairs.  There is more building going on behind it.  I look forward to staying a night or two if it's a hotel.  Looks more like apts. I didn't get any closer to read the signs as it was getting windier and colder. We will be back soon.  

Til next time


  1. Dearest Betsy,
    Your Dad is brave for going with Genevieve!
    When I was young I did skate a few times but being the eldest (alive) I got always stuck with household chores to do for our family of nine.
    Pieter's Dad did skate till his death I would say. Pieter got word from some of his students that they went skating and there even was an old man. That was my Dad, Pieter replied!
    My Dad went skating over a distance of over 13 miles when dating as he traveled via the frozen creeks and canals to see Mom!

    1. Hello Mariette, I wished I had learned to skate properly when younger, my sisters and I used to skate on our long porch and had so much fun.
      I am just imagining skating 13 miles over frozen creeks and canals. Genuine love.
      I love reading about the events of your past and your families past. Hugs, Betsy

  2. Steve is a good sport to go skating with the girls, Betsy! Good for him, glad he didn't hurt himself badly. I'm with you, I'm afraid of falling. I used to love to skate--it's what I did with my sisters all summer and fall and into the winter. I want to live in the picture you purchased! It's beautiful and a great bargain. I like what you did to brighten it. Hanging it in your home will be lovely! Your trip to the beach in the winter is great. The Potomac looks and sounds like the ocean. Fun times as always with you and your family. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm too chicken to skate - I would be afraid I would fall! After I tripped over my own feet in my kitchen and broke my arm, I am not anxious to break anymore bones! Your husband is very brave! And what a great walk on the beach, as long as you were dressed for it.


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