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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Winter time and taking it slow

 I have been lazy lately, not wanting to do much of anything except that needs to be done.    Time to sit back and rest up for the next season.  Hasn't been too terribly cold this past week.  I am hoping for more colder temps and more snow.  

Meanwhile I have been working on my bead picture.  I love doing this, relaxes me.

These are the square beads; I think I like working with the round ones better.
Gotta make sure the squares stay lined up.  Some of mine aren't. 
Enjoying one of my favorite snack foods while beading, pistachios.   
I have enough hobbies going on at the moment, but I had to order alcohol paints.
I am going to do a picture with them next.  I saw where they can be mixed with some clear glue to make some nice little stained-glass pictures or suncatchers.  I like working with real stained glass but it's too cold at the moment to take that back up in the garage.  I have two unfinished small ones that I need to solder. 
I found this on Pinterest and so many more ideas than I needed at the moment.  Glue and alcohol paints are what I am going to use.

on to other things like getting up from here and getting a little exercise.  Getting the last few items to the attic from Christmas would be nice.  Yes Christmas, it has been a while.  No hurry, obviously.
This box has my two elves that my Granddaughter found for me, one last year I saw in a window in Fredericksburg Va.  she found the same one here in a thrift store and had her mom get for me. 
The other one is one she found for me this Christmas.  She said there is a male elf and I told her to put a bug in Santa's ear for this year.  I love these, so colorful and fun. Here boxed to return to storage. 
I just noticed a little mending needing to be done on the apron with flower trim.

Some candles I made from old pickle jars and glue, Epsom salt, more glue and snow with an addition of sparkles.  Winter sparkle I call them.  I make sure I seal well so none of the fluff I call it comes off and it doesn't.  I use real votives for light inside and battery if I have them. 
Nice glow they give and not just for Christmas.  I guess I could actually add a little heart to the front.
Well this is what I have been up to for the moment anyway.  I have been reading in between.  Taking some ideas from my Cosy book.  

That's it for the moment.  
Betsy 😄


  1. All your crafts are just lovely, but I am partial to the pickle jar candles! Just beautiful! And your elves are pretty fun, too.

  2. Dearest Betsy,
    You have been quite productive!
    It is nice to create things with your own hands and enjoy using them.
    Stay warm and cozy!

  3. You are quite the busy and talented crafter, Betsy! I love your darling elves. Each one has a great personality. It would be lovely to get more snow, wouldn't it? I've always felt a complete coziness to winter and snow. I'll have to look at your book as it sounds like a read I'd enjoy. Have a happy week!

  4. These are lovely Betsy. I like them a lot. I hope you didn’t get a lot of snow. We had a bit of a dusting but it’s gone now. Happy Sunday!


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