Monday, September 19, 2022

Almost Autumn

 Starting to feel like fall, well some days anyway.  Lower 50's this past Friday night here.   Few more days and then it's officially Autumn.  Still summer and I don't like to rush the seasons.  I enjoy them all.  Pulling bins from the attic to go through. No fun doing that.  

I did purchase a few pots of mums.  They are not my favorite flower but there are some pretty ones out there.  

 Mom called them a funeral flower.    I guess because they were mostly used at funerals and gravesites as she remembers them more for.   Mom grew lots of flowers but don't remember mums being one of them.


I like the red or bright yellow ones if the garden center has them.   A few I purchased in the last few years are planted in different areas of the yard, some planted under dogwood in front.  So easy to root. I have some that I broke off from the main plant and just stuck in the ground.  I like to have them grow a little more natural and not as rounded.  I still have to cut them back between blooming periods to keep them in shape and to keep blooming longer

Home Depot has some pretty welcome mats and this one on the porch can go at the front door.

I did find my garland of leaves which I placed on dining area table.  Candles in the center along with some nuts and dried flowers.
Speaking of flowers, my tea rose has flowered nicely along with another rose bush.  Always prettier in early Spring and in Autumn.

A view from my bedroom window shows the red rose bush along the fence.  Little untidy in the area right now as I am moving pots and sweeping debris from the area.
red rose and okra plants growing along side the fence.

My sweet granddaughter loves picking for me a pretty Hibiscus bloom from her plant she had her Dad purchase for her from Home Depot. The plant is a mix of several colors and so pretty. 

Drying what is left coming in from the green beans I planted this year.  Locally grown squash dries well,  Good in soups for winter along with okra that is still producing.  Can't have gumbo without okra and I love shrimp gumbo. 

Dried tomatoes
Dried green peppers.  I like to grind them along with dried tomatoes into a powder to use in soups.

Beans ready for dryer

 Okra and other vegetables in a mason jar.  Good for soups and stews.
More drying on the way.

Bush Okra, a plant that is smaller and more compact, great for pots on the patio.
see those pods for picking?
This next picture is the tall Okra

Peppers still going strong.  Peas in pot coming up alongside them?

Pretty blooming Dahlia on patio

A break Sunday with a drive to Colonial Beach in Va. 
Dinner at High Tides restaurant of fish followed by walk on beach, then home.

Sitting pretty at the beach
Mottled bark on this Maple tree is just so pretty
Several of these posted along the beach.   
No confusion on what you can or cannot do  (click to enlarge to read)

Sharing with Inspire Me Monday

This is it for today 

Short shoreline drive of Colonial beach.
I should have rolled down the windows for clearer picture.



  1. Dearest Betsy,
    Well, even after being her for 39 years, I still have not shed the connection of mums to funerals.
    They would get purchased for All Souls, to be placed on the graves...
    So, yes, I do understand your Mom!
    BUT, my Pieter purchased some perfect yellow mums and brought them home.
    Will show them soon in a post...
    Was your 4th viewer on YouTube. What a pleasant ride on a sunny day.
    I've JUST completed adding subtitles to my video, taken in Canada from my Technology Transfer Seminar on Harvesting Quality Mushrooms. Figured out how to do that... first recording the spoken words (via dictate in Microsoft Word) then editing those 16 pages as it was awful. What a job!
    Bit it's on and before I've done Pieter's two videos and feeling mighty proud of it—DONE.
    We did bike on Sunday, a long route and it was so lovely. This time I'd checked with Pieter for both having FULL batteries! Last year, we did this long route of 25.4 mi and Pieter ran out of power. So I took his bike and pedaled that heavy sucker (45 lbs) in the 1st gear home over some 10 mi... I was almost dead, doing so many hills.
    Sunday, I could not imagine that I managed doing that.

    1. Hello Mariette, We enjoy the ride to the beach especially in off season. We like it even in winter to listen to the waves and breathing the crisp clean air. I have looked into voice over and have yet to try it. I imagine it took some time editing 16 pages and voicing over.
      I just can't imagine how you felt pedaling 10 miles in 1st gear. I bet you felt that ride for days in your body. You are strong and in good physical shape, that's for sure. I wish I didn't get dizzy sometimes on the bike. I think it could maybe be my bp meds. I heard that can cause it sometimes. If it's really bad, a Dramamine helps. I see people around here riding recumbent bikes. I heard they take some of the stress off the knees. I may get one.
      Hugs, Betsy

    2. Betsy, actually biking does not create stress for the knees. Pieter's orthopedic doctor did advice Pieter that due to his worn out ligament in the knee, he should get off his legs; no walks anymore. But instead, take up biking as that does not put the weight on the knees and it is positive for removing the fluids—that might build up in the knee. That's what we did and no problems ever since!

  2. Blogger do strange I see finally your posts today…love from me 🍀🐾💗🍀

  3. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to, Betsy! I've never dried fruits or vegetables either. How smart you are! Your dining table looks so nice dressed for Fall. And your roses look great. I'm afraid mine look rather sad as we are so dry and I have not kept up the watering like I should. Colonial Beach views from you are lovely to see. What a beautiful day you had! Happy Autumn days ahead!

    1. Thank you for sweet comment Martha Ellen.   My husband fills the watering cans for me and puts them in the wagon.   It's easier to pull to where I want them.  The rain barrel has a lot of water and we use it.   I love Autumn.  I bet your roses will bounce right back when the rain hits this afternoon.  Well, it's been threatening to anyway.     Happy Autumn to you, Betsy

  4. Betsy, I read your post and was writing a comment when Dan walked up. I got up from the computer and didn't publish my comment. :( Anyhow, I said you flowers are so pretty. I really love your jar with dried vegs. That is such a great idea. Enjoyed all this post!

  5. Betsy,
    My mother had a few mums that she planted in the back yard and they did grow quite well...I tried transplanting some that I bought over the years but they never took....I just bought some for the front of the house for Fall....The food all looks so good!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!!

  6. You have been real busy Betsy. Enjoyed looking at all your photos and reading too, thanks so much!

  7. Betsy, you have a green thumb!! I wish I was a better gardener, but I do well with mums, thank goodness they're hearty!! I also saw the pretty fall decor items at Home Depot. We were in a rush, buying dirt of all things, but I may need to go back and peek again!! Enjoy the day!!


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