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Saturday, October 6, 2018


I love the mums that our local nursery has this year.  So large and the colors are so vibrant.
A few scattered here and there so far.  I need to place them along with some asters.

Genevieve went with me and picked out flowers for her Mom.  She is so thoughtful.

She placed them on my table on the porch because she said she didn't want them messed up.

Didn't look right so she tried again.  As you can see I have some craft stuff going on.  Need to get back to work on that dried wreath.

Now the final touch.  She placed a halloween candle next to it.  She is something else, that's for sure. Loves to decorate, grow flowers and can use the vacuum too.

So glad the rain is giving us a rest as we are starting to work on the painting around the front door.

The moonflower has just really starting putting out the flowers.  It's way up there around the bell at the fence.

A dahlia I planted from seed in a pot and neglected because I thought it wasn't going to amount to much anyway.  Now look at it.


Peppers I have growing in the planter.
  These are hot ones.

Nothing but roots in the cement planter but as long as they are kept watered, they grow.

Well off to put out a little hay bale with some pumpkins and mums for color and the children like it.


  1. Genevieve is a darling child, Betsy! And she likes to vacuum! Wow--I love that! Your mums are so pretty as well as your pretty asters! And the moonflower is gorgeous. Your peppers sure do look healthy! I'm sure the grands will like it when you bring out the pumpkin decor. I need to do that soon. Seems like I'm always behind these days. ♥

  2. I love mums too. Your flowers are all doing lovely.

  3. Betsy, Little G in going to turn into a true decorator. That's just how it starts. So cute, too. I like what you have done to your header. Very subtle but pretty, as is the real thing. I love mums, the look and I adore their fragrance. I picked up a small one from CVS the other day but for some reason it doesn't have the smell..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  4. Oh my goodness Betsy, Genevieve is still totally adorable and growing way too fast!! Cute about the mum, so sweet! I love your yellow front door!
    Take care! xoxo Gina

  5. Genevieve is a darling and a great helper. Your Mums and Asters are a delight and those peppers are doing so well.

  6. Everything looks so pretty at your home. I hope that you are not as hot as we are here. I feel like it is still SUMMER here now... Mercy Me! They are saying that we may get some Fall-Like weather by the weekend. HOPE SO.

    Genevieve is like her Grandmother!!!! Such a cutie.


  7. Aww!! cute little helper..XOXO

  8. Dearest Betsy,
    What a wonderful pot plants you bought for brightening your home.
    LOVE how Genevieve is copying what her Grandma is doing best; genetic and by example, you have a sure follower!
    Enjoy this lovely time of the year and sending you hugs,

  9. Genevieve is a wonderful helper! How creative she is, and such a pretty girl. :-)

  10. Such a sweet little girl!! The mums and all the blooms are so lovely!! Tanks so much for stopping by!!

  11. Me again!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and leave such a kind comment!!


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