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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Treat night

Genevieve cleaned the pumpkin out of seeds after I cut the top.  This part I do not like but she does it in a flash.    I wish Adalyn had been here but she was in school.  Both girls are going trick or treating tonight.
Not totally sure what this look is.  I do know that she said the pumpkin was soapy.  I think she means slimy but soapy is better.  Interesting how she associated that slippery mess with soapy.
She got this done in no time flat

Some little ornaments around the yard.

Lit pumpkin in my petunia pot

Miss having Adalyn in the picture, but she's in school and will be at home trick or treating.  I will try to get her picture next to it tomorrow.

I did get a picture of the girls dressed for Halloween tonight.
Happy Halloween


  1. Aww!! see her cute face. Today my 5th grader carve the pumpkin all by himself.

  2. So sweet! This is the first year that I didn't get around to carving my pumpkin! I needed Genevieve here doing it for me! :) I dressed up as a witch to pass out candy, the kids seemed to really like it! First time dressing up to! It was fun! Hope your evening was "spooky"! xoxo

  3. They look wonderful so excited and full of anticipation.

  4. Betsy,
    I do miss getting to carve pumpkins with the kids!! Looks like all had a great time!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  5. We had a good number of kids that came for trick or treat. It's always fun to see their customs. My son was saying that he has great memories of that time and he enjoyed Halloween. I love the face your granddaughter is making awhile she works hard on that pumpkin. Both girls looks fantastic in their costumes.

  6. Betsy, how cute the girls look. Hope they had fun. The look on Genevieve's face is priceless. I sure miss having little ones around in times like these..Hope your Halloween was happy..xxoJudy

  7. I love that Genevieve called the innards soapy! So cute. She's a positive thinker! Glad the girls enjoyed Halloween. My grands are too big for it now. My son said they weren't too happy about that last evening as they love candy. I'll have to take them our big bag as we had no children ring our bell last evening! ♥

  8. Nice to have a helped who doesn't mind "pumpkin guts"! Cute decorations and cute trick-or-treaters.

  9. Dearest Betsy,
    Love the definition of 'soapy', only kids can say things in a pure and honest way!
    Fun for the little ones and once again, it is over with.
    A big annual commercial thing...

  10. Soapy? lol Now, that's funny!! I use the same scoop my kids did. It's some weird orange plastic thing, but it works! I hate touching that stuff. It looks like they had fun :)



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