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Sunday, October 28, 2018

An invasive weed that is pretty and I am leaving it.

My daughter Annette informed me that the plant I was curious about in last post is called redshank or commonly called lady thumb. It is a wild edible that is on the list of invasive weeds because it is not grass. She said in the middle of the leaf  is a purple to black shevronish mark that looks like a thumb print. Thanks Annette.  They are an invasive species I like and Genevieve likes to pick them and bring inside.

Looks like little beads on the stems, very colorful


  1. the flowers are beautiful.
    oh dear, I didn't find that website before visiting Portsmouth. We went to there, but found that the ferry to Island of Shoal was closed. :( Maine is just an awesome place. Very soon I'm writing about the place. XOXO

  2. Very pretty and a lovely shade of pink.


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