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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Happy Hot Tuesday

Got up early to water plants and came into the house at 8 a.m. Started to get very hot and somewhat humid.  Gotta stay hydrated.

It was a scorcher on Monday here. Cornfield at the end of our street.

Look at how this Mandevilla loves the heat.  It's been in the pot in the yard since Easter when Miranda brought it to me.  It's now trailing the lamp post.

The rose I purchased from Kroger last year for 50 cents.  I transferred it to this pot.  Didn't think it would live but it sure did.

It said on the tag that it is a miniature rose. It was at the time.  Growing nicely.

Stay in and stay cool.


  1. Your 50 cent ROSE is gorgeous... You did a great job...

    What is the plant which is growing up the pole???? I need something like that... Still trying to get something to climb our ugly utility wires in our yard (there when we bought the house)...


  2. The first one is a mandevillea. Oh, how they love to climb!!!

  3. No, when I said 'first one', I meant the first flower photo you posted. :)

  4. Extremely hot and humid here in Carney, MD today. Summer sure did show up with a bang!
    Have a wonderful 4th of July,

  5. Dearest Betsy,
    The corn fields here look the best we've ever seen, so lush and tall thanks to a very wet month of May before the heat started and still plenty of showers.
    Your rose seems to be grateful for having been rescued and just in time!
    Plants can show their love and blooming for their humans.
    Wishing you and yours a Happy 242nd Independence Day!

  6. How nice to have a cornfield near you, I love the sight of crops growing. One thing nice about this heat is that you can almost see plants growing. I'm learning to love that and not wish to hurry summer.

    I must check our local Kroger's! You get some real beauties.

  7. Wow, is it hot all over? It sure is here too. We are kind of on the same vein today in our subjects. Another pretty header. I'm still thinking about it. (You know how long it takes me!).Happy 4th, will you be spending it with the grands?.. I always think of roses that have those little hairy thorny stuff around as old roses. Do you know. It sure is pretty..xxoJudy

  8. You are right, Betsy, today is brutal! My grandson and husband cut the grass at 8 this morning. It was so hot while I was out there, I couldn't wait to come inside.
    I love your mandevilla! I haven't had one for years. It looks so nice climbing up your lamppost! The cornfield is really quite high. I've noticed every cornfield is much further along than usual. How nice to live so close to that pretty field.
    I like that you rescued that rose--so pretty and with your attention is rewarding you with blossoms. Stay cool and enjoy the Forth! ♥

  9. Betsy,
    Thanks so much for posting about how to fix the comments email crisis!! It worked!! Thanks too for stopping by!! The photos are beautiful!!

  10. Your rose looks stunning, what a bargain.


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