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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Happy Saturday

Early this morning walk around the yard to water and pick whatever may need picking and I found a couple squash with a few flowers to enjoy.

I like a single stem in a pretty glass container.  This container is an empty wine bottle sitting in the kitchen window.

The seed packet said that these would get about 5 feet. No way, these things are at least 8.  This is looking out of my upstairs dining room window with the lilac behind that will need to be moved.

Hibiscus on the fence.
I took this yesterday and you can see where the beetles got to the blooms.

On my way home from shopping is a beautiful cornfield at the road I live.   I hope I can see this for a long time.  Such nice farms around with open land for some good crops.  I hope it never changes. 

Not exactly the fabric I wanted but it is upholstery fabric and on sale which means a lot and I like it o.k.  for an ottoman in the den.

Well off to start measuring and sewing.


  1. Betsy, just gorgeous! Our hibiscus took a beating from that 116-120 degrees day! This week about 20% of the leaves turned yellow and dropped. Poor things! Anyhow, just gorgeous shots! Enjoy your weekend of sewing!

  2. Your flowers are pretty. I live in the country too and I love driving by farmers fields. I love the fabric!

  3. Betsy, I don't know how you find so much to say, I can only manage once a week. I hope your land never changes. I guess there are still places that remain the same. Love the sunflowers..Happy Saturday..xxoJudy

  4. Dearest Betsy,
    Just like you, I've also used all sorts of empty glass for arranging one stem of flowers. Your Gladiolus look perfect this way.
    We enjoy the best and tallest cornfields in our area, when we bike through the fields. This year, farmers had plenty of rain, crops look great!
    Your upholstery fabric no doubt will work for your project.
    Sending you hugs,

  5. Those sunflowers were a feast for the eyes. Happy sewing.

  6. So beautiful and I love the sunflowers!

  7. A very pretty series of photos Betsy. Your ottoman will look lovely with the new print. The flower looks great in that pretty bottle and your sunflowers and hibiscus are lovely.

  8. I love a touch of faux leopard in a room! And there's a gentleman on my blogroll, can't think of his name now, who made a real believer out of me for only putting 1 flower stalk in a vase and scattering them around the house. They do have more impact that way.


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