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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Few simple arrangments and cuttings.

Chilly,  damp and breezy.    Hardly feels of Spring.  More like September moving in.   Maybe tomorrow will be sunny.
I brought in some more Peonies for drying and vases.  Might as well dry a few of them as they are on their way out.

An old teapot is perfect for a simple arrangement of Peonies.

I see the shadows better in black and white.

 a cutting from a lavender plant a few weeks ago is now rooted.
doesn't take long at all for these plants to root.
I broke the top off and hope now it will fill out from the sides 

This is the plant the cutting was taken from.  This plant is a cutting I took about two seasons ago. 

I will try this Spanish lavender and see if it grows well.

two more cuttings looking good.

Love this  Red Russian Kale in my fresh salads.   You can see I do.  It grows back fast.

A hollyhock I transplanted into the pot and it is doing well also.

my little birdies on the mantle with a peony in a glass cube votive candle holder. 
It has been in there a week and still looks good. 
I see I have to remove a nail from the mantle that held a banner in place.  Whoops
 yes, on my dining room table too .

for some reason they seem to last longer in a little water in a little container.

drying on porch

I keep this hanging on porch door to remind me that it is Spring, 
even though it doesn't feel like it. 


  1. I love lavender and intended to grow some here but our neighbours have told me that there is a midge problem here in the summer and they are attracted to lavender. A rethink is needed.

  2. Peonies, my favorite smell ever! Yours are so pretty and elegant. And I didnt know you could root lavender so easily, my other favorite smell ever. Thanks for the info; I'll be making some starts tomorrow.

  3. Hi Betsy. Your cuttings are looking very prosperous! I don't have too much luck with cuttings. Years ago, I stuck some ivy in water and it just kept rooting in the water and I had a wonderful display. For some reason, I've never been able to do that again, but my try at house plants is going better. I have managed to keep the four I have now alive during the winter, so hope the luck holds out. The peony in the brown bottle is a really pretty picture..I've been down with a bad back this past week, and can't sit (or lay or stand for that matter) for too long so hope to get going again soon..Happy Day..xxoJudy

  4. Wow!! the cutting is growing very nicely.. I've never gotten success of growing plant from cutting..

  5. Gosto muito de lavandas.
    Lindas as imagens.
    Boa continuação de semana.


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