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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New repurposed

My sister Lynn, who lives in Corinna Maine repurposed this well worn head and footboard you see in the picture below

to this -- she made the pillows and seat cushion
which she won for best repurposed

this chair is a beauty some one recovered and won

Beautiful painting some one did on this dresser

a neat table for the porch or outside I would like

from this pedestal

love this color on this buffet

All of these at Traditions in Corinna Maine.
I see I will have to take a large vehicle when I visit.


  1. Beautiful items! I found something that may relate to your earlier post about Blogger:!topic/blogger/LFdsi7khwSo;context-place=forum/blogger

  2. Hi Betsy. Your new look is wonderful. I love the size of your pictures. That looks like a great town with great shops..Have a Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. Hey Girlie, How are you? Sorry your surgery is being postponed --but it's better to wait and get everything in good order... Keep me posted.

    I meant to write you last week (where does the time go?) --and ask where you keep your Blog List? I assume it's on your blog page. I don't do that since it is so easy to go to the Blogger Dashboard and do mine from there... I have so many labels on my blog itself --and don't want to put my Blog List on the blog... My hubby belongs to Feedly and says it is good --but I'm still happy with using the Dashboard (until Blogger decides to get rid of that also)... ha

    Your sister is very creative. I love what she did with the bed frame/posts... WOW... It is gorgeous. YES---when you visit her, take a U Haul.... ha ha

    Betsy from Tennessee

  4. Love what your sister made!! You showcased a lot of great things!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Nette put your socks on backwards. Be careful not to fall.


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