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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lazy Sunday

First off - What has blogger done to my BLOG LIST?  It's gone.  Is anyone else missing theirs?
One more time - will start putting some back

Few Sunday flowers in the yard.   Sort of a lazy day for us here, sometimes I like it that way.
Still a little over cast but thats o.k., I feel that way too.

potted mums on either side of sidewalk

Little fuzzy, taken with my cell phone

Making a pumpkin tree.   Gluing these little see pod pumpkin shapes on a cone.

Was supposed to have a TKR tomorrow,  developed a tooth ache Friday late, so now that is all put off til I get my tooth taken care of.   I am not happy at all about that.

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  1. Yes, I saw another blogger with a problem. See My theory is that Blogspot made some format changes without taking into consideration the older blog templates.

  2. I have never thought of making a pumpkin tree on a cone. I've got to try that! Clever

  3. My blog list has been missing for several days now. I've read a few others have the same problem. Hoping it comes back as I'm lost without mine. I'm going into my dashboard and using the list there for now. Love the pretty mums, I just bought a couple of yellow mums yesterday and a few pumpkins. Your pumpkin tree is a neat idea!

    1. Oh, check out this discussion:!topic/blogger/LFdsi7khwSo;context-place=forum/blogger

  4. Betsy,
    Your photos are lovely!! So sorry to hear that your surgery was put off but better to take care of any problems with your teeth. I have been doing that all year in preparation when I finally have my knee surgery...
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  5. Beautiful mins - I remember - I must buy one tomorow!


    1. thanks sigrun for visiting and yes, mums do say fall don't they?


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