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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Children home and tomatoes

Previous long weekend visit to see daughter and family.   Got to check out her high tunnel green house and the beautiful tomatoes that were still on the very tall vines.  Most  vines were at least 10 feet .   There were some pretty peppers also.
She sold quite a bit of veggies this summer and looks like she will have tomatoes right up to December.

To begin with there is some pretty nature and farms on the way to our childrens home.   Gorgeous pastoral views.

In the evening we arrived, we picked some tomatoes from the green house

She is going to plant now some kale and other winter crops

Hope I can help more next year.

Pretty black pepper on the vine along with tomatoes near by

She got the little tractor with a very old wagon that was left at the house.   They painted the wooden wagon red and that is what we carted the tomatoes to the house on

yeah, had to take a ride on the wagon, was getting dark as you can see

Aren't they beauties?

Next morning apples were picked from those tall trees. Those trees have been there for quite a long time.

grandson Seth sitting down on the job eating apples.  It's o.k. cause they are very good for ya.

nice way to spend a beautiful Sunday.


  1. Betsy, that is like living a dream to me. What a perfect spot to bring up kids and teach them some respect for life. Your daughter is so cute and you looked just like her riding on the back of the wagon. I loved this post..Happy Thursday..Judy

  2. Hi Betsy, It's so nice to meet another Betsy... Are you Elizabeth also???? I love the name Elizabeth --but the name, Betsy, certainly fits my personality better... ha ha .... I signed up to follow you so that I can learn more about life in Virginia. I was born in Virginia (Big Stone Gap --in the far southwest).... I have such great memories of all of my years there... Where are you?

    We did have a great time at the Peaks of Otter --but have also traveled quite a bit in that gorgeous state. Sounds like your daughter and family have a wonderful home... Their veggies look delicious... Having that green house must be a huge help...We are gardeners ---but ours are flowers instead of veggies..

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.
    Betsy--from Tennessee

  3. Great looking produce! And beautiful skies too.


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