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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Downton and VHS

Few weeks back we took a visit to  the Virginia Historical Society to see the exhibit "Dressing Downton".
Entering the door is this magnificent  floral display!

Looking up above in the Mezzanine
 little closer

A horse drawn carriage around 1830.    Speaks much to the wealth of the owner much like today.
Four door two passenger adorned with nickel silver fittings.  Purchased by John Glasgow of Rockbridge county Virginia around 1830.  The Glasgow family was important in the lumber and iron industry.

The information below  reads that Downton Abbey is no fantasy. The series weaves together fictional characters and actual events to create a compelling drama rooted in the real stories of  Britain's past.  Just as Highclere Castle where Downton is filmed is a real place, so Downton Abbey's story lines explore the real forces that shaped Britain in the first quarter of the 20th century.
When joining Downton in 1912, Britain is in it's Edwardian summer.
A sense of calm and continuity.  A new King on the throne which feels as the Empire is secure.

Particularly strong was a sense of tradition especially on the English country estate.

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The clothes exhibited come from the drama "Downton Abbey".  Exploring fashions from 1912 to the early 1920's. Some costumes are original and some made from vintage fabrics.

Silk  and silver beads.  a very fine example of 1920 's workmanship.    Georgette layer with beading is original.   designer Carolyn McCall said that you could hear at times loose beads dropping to the floor during filming from these vintage pieces

close up

Lady Rose Mac Clare - silk velvet evening dress, glass bead and sequin decoration original to the period.   By the 1920's evening dresses were the same length as day time dresses.   Looser in the bust and straight in style

Cora Crawley season 3 1920
Floral embroidered border coat worn at Lady Edith's wedding made from a 1920's tablecloth

silk evening dress season three - 1920

How tiny this dress and the actress who wears it

squares of fabric attached at the hips for waterfall effect

mixed silk fabric and fox fur collar and cuffs

Lady Edith Crawley - embellished with beaded embroidery and ribbon

geometric  - art deco style

laundering made easier by the shirts separate collar that would attach by studs to the neckband.
1912 - 1920
Men could change their look by changing the collar

skirt split at the front and back worn over jodhpurs to ensure decorum

1913-1918 chauffeurs uniform .
The double breasted style helped to keep out the cold

few more pics later

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  1. Hi Betsy, What I am about to confess might shock you but I have never watched that show, have tried but just couldn't get into it for some reason! But I did enjoy seeing the photos, I prefer clothing of an earlier period though but still nice to see other era's as well.
    Have a great week,


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