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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pineapple goodness

Tried out this pineapple slicer that may not be new to others but is new to me.  My son and daughter in law told me about it when they were in Hawaii.  So glad to receive one from them as it slices the pineapple perfectly.  Not meant as an advertisement,  but if it works, might as well share it.

cut the top off and then measure the pineapple by measurements on slicer

position on top

lifts the pineapple as it bores

I drank the juice left behind of course and the slices were all uniform size.  

home made pineapple ice cream is what I am thinking about right now served from the shell


  1. That is one genius idea as it is really a challenge to peel and slice pineapple. Ice cream served on the shell is perfect.

  2. That looks like a fascinating little instrument, Betsy. I hadn't seen one before either. I love fresh pineapple..Happy Thursday..Judy


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