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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Saturday with Annette and Adalyn

Annette came by Saturday with Adalyn to get me so we could ride out to Petersburg Va. .
A few antique shops we found a few items in and had lunch.  We had a wonderful time.    Adalyn is two,  loves to shop .   She wanted a  little slide projector,  the first thing she picked up to purchase.   I found and old wooden coca cola bottle carrier and wooden window pane that I will use to mosaic a scene on for the porch.
Annette stopped at sheetz for two large coffees ,  I am sure mine was a thousand calories

iced with whipped cream, chocolate and so good

Adalyn ready to ride

very nice family owned restaurant.  great hand shaped lean meat burgers and home made french fries.
Adalyn looking around
she found something she enjoyed playing with - a corn shucker
she is such a doll,  she wanted it.

Annette thinking about a deal

back home  after the morning out,  I picked some forsythia to bring inside.

daffodils growing beside it.    the moss is plentiful as you can see.

I planted so many in the woods last year and this is the only one that has come up.

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  1. Hi Betsy: Looks like you had a fun day with a good drink! Love those. Little Adalyn is growing so fast. How much fun that must be to have her like to go shopping with you..The forsythia bush is amazing..Happy Thursday..Judy


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