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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quick meal

Steve and I rode out this afternoon to a local antique shop in Hanover , had some great ideas for autumn decorating and Halloween.   I took a couple pictures of some of the goodies for sale in the shop and will post tomorrow hopefully. (probably more than a couple)
Had to put this one in here as I thought it was so neat looking sitting in the middle of the floor in the shop.

For dinner we had Pork chops - which I sprinkled some seasoning on and wrapped in parchment paper , with that I do not have to use oil or worry about them sticking while baking in the oven.
Always come out nice and tender when cooked this way.
Looks messy but no extra fat cooking this way in parchment
Tonight - Autumn soup or bisque 
I made a bisque or some call it soup from butternut squash.
 Softened the peel in the oven - scraped out seeds.     I could have finished baking in the oven but was impatient so  decided to steam in a pan with a little water .   After cooking I processed in blender til smooth.  Added nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon , smidgen of salt and honey to mine with about two tablespoons of half and half.   Cream would have made it much richer but I didn't have that.  Have put a pat of butter in it before,  but I like it without it. 
 Next time I will mix some pumpkin maybe and a little apple cider in the mix for flavoring.    

A salad to go along with the meal,  lettuce scallions and carrots with grapes,  love grapes in my salad.
A mix of  raspberry vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar for the dressing- the vinegar gives it a little  zing,   Steve liked it much.

No potatoes,  just some ramen noodles - I sliced scallions to mix in ,  a better flavor was had this way.   Steve ate everything so it must have been good.

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